Cook’s guide to groundnut delicacies: favorite recipes from northern Nigeria


Groundnut plays a vital nutritional role in the diet of many Africans. In northern Nigeria, groundnut represents a substantial portion of the household protein intake. Groundnut is sold, used, and consumed in many forms – roasted, boiled, processed, and sprinkled on or included in different dishes. A significant proportion of groundnut production is pressed to obtain groundnut oil, which is widely used in most rural and urban households in northern Nigeria. The nuts are processed into groundnut paste (groundnut butter), consumed directly, or used for other purposes. Groundnut provides five essential nutrients: energy, protein, phosphorous, thiamin, and niacin. The health benefits of groundnut align well with the different ways in which it can be consumed: shelled nuts cans be eaten fresh, roasted, or boiled. Salted groundnut is sold in small packets or cans. Groundnut oil is used for cooking. Unshelled groundnut can also be roasted or boiled and eaten as snacks during festivals and story-telling occasions in villages. This Cooks’ Guide recommends including groundnut in at least one meal a day and provides various recipes to do so.

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