Groundnut Production Guide for Uganda: Recommended Practices for Farmers


Groundnut is one of the staple crops in Uganda, rich in protein, oil and essential minerals. The crop is increasingly becoming a cash crop and both production area and productivity are increasing. This is evident by the significant expansion of the industry in Uganda and with spillovers in the neighboring countries. The end-users’ preferences of groundnuts vary and are dynamic. The crop also suffers from numerous pests and diseases and erratic weather that affect production. The National Groundnut Improvement Programme responded to these challenges by developing groundnut varieties to meet these challenges. This manual contains valuable scientific information about crop management topics such as land preparation, varietal selection, seed management, crop protection, and post-harvest management under Ugandan conditions. The appendices contain a catalogue of groundnut varieties released since 1966 with their yields and botanical classifications. This is in addition to the summarized poster of recommended practices at major growth stages covering pre- and post-harvest operations.

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