Innovative partnership in chickpea seed production and technology dissemination: A decade of lessons in Ethiopia


An innovative partnership in chickpea seed production and technology dissemination was assessed in increasing chickpea productivity through facilitated access to quality seed. The study was designed to evaluate the benefits gained from a partnership implemented for the last 10 years in chickpea technology by seed system of crop production. Farmers’ participatory variety selection (FPVS) was central to the new innovation. The varieties selected by farmers were ultimately demonstrated and visited by a large number of farmers and other stakeholders. This was complemented with the establishment and technical backstopping of farmers’ seed producer associations to produce and market quality seed to fill the gap left by the formal sector. Interventions with chickpea technologies were initiated right after training partners in the chickpea seed and grain value chain. From 2008 to 2015, over 350 FPVS trials were conducted concurrently with demonstrations. The farmers’ seed producer associations covered the lion’s share of the seed supply and became an innovative approach that enhanced the chickpea seed system. The production of certified and quality declared seed increased from 632.7 tons in 2008 to 3290 tons in 2014. The drastic increases in productivity and production of chickpea during the intervention period were largely attributed to the interventions made. National chickpea productivity doubled in a decade (2006–2015) and attained a peak of 1.9 ton ha-1 in 2014. Similarly, production showed drastic increases during the intervention period where production in 2015 was 124% more compared to production in 2006. Lessons were taken from the approach; government policy and many development parties recognized the approach as key for enhancing the chickpea sector.

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Publication: Ethiopian Journal of Crop Science, 6(2): 1-18
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