Regeneration procedure for three Arachis hypogaea L. botanicals in Uganda through Embryogenesis


This study explored the use of mature embryo axes as explants for somatic embryogenesis and determined the factors that affect regeneration of three Ugandan groundnut cultivars: Acholi white (Valencia botanical), Serenut 4T (Spanish botanical), and Serenut 1R (Virginia botanical). Different concentrations of 2,4-D elicited different callogenesis responses in different groundnut cultivars, with Acholi white and Serenut 4T giving optimal responses at 5 mg/l. Serenut 1R showed the best response at a concentration of 30 mg/l. N6 and CIM supported callogenesis in Acholi white and Serenut 4T only. In all cultivars, maximum root production was gained when using MS medium supplemented with NAA 1 mg/l and IBA 2.0 mg/l. On the other hand, for Serenut 1R and Serenut 4T, a BAP 2.5 mg/l and NAA 0.5 mg/l combination yielded a higher shoot regeneration percentage, whereas for Acholi white BAP 3 mg/l and NAA 0.5 mg/l supported maximum shoot production. This is the first ever report of the successful regeneration of these three popular groundnut botanicals in Uganda, which is likely to facilitate their genetic transformation.

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