Analyses of African common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) germplasm using a SNP fingerprinting platform: diversity, quality control and molecular breeding


Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) is an important staple crop for smallholder farmers, particularly in Eastern and Southern Africa. To support common bean breeding and seed dissemination, a high throughput SNP genotyping platform with 1,500 established SNP assays has been developed at a genotyping service provider which allows breeders without their own genotyping infrastructure to outsource such a service. A set of 708 genotypes mainly composed of germplasm from African breeders and CIAT breeding program were assembled and genotyped with over 800 SNPs. Diversity analysis revealed that both Mesoamerican and Andean gene pools are in use, with an emphasis on large seeded Andean genotypes, which represents the known regional preferences. The analysis of genetic similarities among germplasm entries revealed duplicated lines with different names as well as distinct SNP patterns in identically named samples. Overall, a worrying number of inconsistencies was identified in this data set of very diverse origins. This highlights the need to develop and use a cost-effective fingerprinting platform to ensure germplasm purity for research, sharing, and seed dissemination. The genetic data also allows the visualization introgressions, to identify heterozygous regions to evaluate hybridization success and to employ marker-assisted selection. This study presents a new resource for the common bean community, a SNP genotyping platform, a large SNP data set and a number of applications on how to utilize this information to improve the efficiency and quality of seed handling activities, breeding, and seed dissemination through molecular tools.

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Publication: Genetic Resources and Crop Evolution, 66, 707-722
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